Why is there nothing here?

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Yeeeeeah, I moved my blog over, felt like the blog name was a bit of a cop-out. For the majority of you looking for my keitai guide, check here: http://vancouverrandomness.wordpress.com/2009/07/06/beginners-keitai-guide/

Otherwise, here. http://vancouverrandomness.wordpress.com/


Beginners Keitai Guide

•July 6, 2009 • 20 Comments

Note:  I’ve completely redone the guide as of May 2010, refer to that one if you want the most updated guide: http://vancouverrandomness.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/updated-keitai-guide/ The reason it’s not here anymore was because I don’t really like the blog domain name and moved everything over. For some reason though people keep getting linked to this one.

Been working on this for a while now, but here’s what in my humble opinion a guide that should have all you need to start using a keitai, or at the very least gain a general idea.

General FAQ

What is a ‘keitai’?

Keitai is the word for cell-phone in Japan, and since we’ll be dealing with them, it’s easier to say keitai than Japanese  cell phone every single time, and so it’s what people who use them generally call it. The main providers in Japan are Docomo, Softbank, and KDDI. A big difference between Japan and other places around the world is that the phones are specifically made for a provider by a manufacturer. For example, around the world manufacturers make phones and then a provider will elect to carry it. In Japan, each model is tailored/made for a specific provider. One of the big draws with keitais is how advanced they are in features as well as how rare overseas keitai users are for the most part. The Japanese market is more function-phone oriented than the more smart phone-favoring foreign market. That’s not to say though, that keitais lack smart phone features: they can do email and most data functions on Japan’s world-leading high-speed network.

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